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Fibre-Based Health Supplements That Glitter In Your Food and Drinks

KiDS education

Teach nutrition for life.

Have fun eating healthy foods! Learn about vitamins and minerals, and be smart about how you consume them. It's all about timing, when to couple with foods and drinks, and pairing together the right vitamins and minerals. Understand which combinations work and have fun at the same time! 

Dr Glitter "red" for iron on top of your broccoli or berry shake that's rich in vitamin C. 


Dr Glitter "blue" for calcium on top of your cheese or eggs that's rich in vitamin D.

Women's health

Supplement with your cycle.

Different vitamins and minerals are needed at every stage of women's menstrual cycle in order to manage symptoms and maintain energy levels. 

Dr Glitter "purple" for magnesium to relieve muscle cramps during the first two days of your period. 

Dr Glitter "red" for iron if you suffer from heavy bleeding. 

Superior Product

100% natural. No inconvenient liquids. No pills and stomach irritation. Dr Glitter is a new range of vitamins and minerals that look like edible glitter and is made from natural prebiotic fibre, plant-based food colouring, as well as vitamins and minerals. Our product is served as a vegan and sugar-free garnish on food and drinks, and is designed to optimise your body's absorption of micronutrients. 
Fun. Personalised. Ready to be shared across social media!