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We start with an amazing tree sap (acacia gum), a prebiotic soluble fibre that naturally shines. We then add natural colours and nutrients and turn it into crystals.       


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NO NASTY STUFF. We use heat and natural ingredients to make Dr Glitter sparkle

Gluten Free

Coeliac? Intolerant? Gluten makes your tummy feel funny?


No worries, Dr Glitter™ is gluten free. 

Coeliac? Intolerant? Gluten makes your tummy feel funny? No worries! Dr Glitter™ is gluten free!

IBS Friendly

Acacia Gum is approved for low FODMAP diets and contains 90% soluble fibre which makes it great for your gut.


No animal products :)

All the colours, active ingredients & sparkly-ness in Dr Glitter™ come from plants. 

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The Power


Dr Glitter™ is designed for super smart, power pairing because combining different micronutrients with the right foods enhancing their absorption and health benefits. 

So that means pairing Red Iron Glitter with food high in Vitamin C and Orange Probiotic Glitter with protein rich meals, for better absorption of nutrients. Colour coded nutrition.


The more you use Dr Glitter™, the more opportunities you have to learn about food and how our bodies work!

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Be kind to your gut,
and the planet
Our sachets are certified home compostable.
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