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About Us

No quick fixes. 
(sorry, not sorry)

At Dr Glitter, we believe that the best thing for your health is to eat a wide variety of whole foods. We know... it's a boring answer, and you've probably heard it before.


So we decided to create a solution that would make eating whole foods both more fun and more healthy.

Popping a pill may be good a short term solution, but in order to really understand our health, it begins with diet. No amount of gummies (read: candy) will really help, or create life-time, habitual change

Dr Glitter™ is a colour coded tool help young people engage with what they are eating and provide a targeted boost of micronutrients at the same time.

Oh yeah, and one last thing:

Our base ingredient that makes us *glitter*, is also a prebiotic fibre that helps maintain a heathy gut and compliments your health goals - to make sure you are getting the most out of your healthy diet and keep those beneficial microbes happy.


It's never too late to learn more about healthy eating...

But it's better when it                    

Our Story

We are two hungry change-makers, creative hosts and bio - hacking, foodie geeks, on personal journeys to reduce stress, illness and lack of balance in our pressurised daily lives.

We were both looking for solutions to these common problems, but Dr Glitter came to us when we were having fun. 

We found answers through digestible, bite sized education, and daily creativity (small rituals with big impacts). 

Dr Glitter - 1811 Brand Shoot_3_edited.jpg

Augusta Xu-Holland

Co-Founder & Head of Product 

Augusta is Dr Glitter’s resident geek. She studied science in New Zealand, but became an actress in China. 


She's never stopped being passionate about science, Augusta loves going deep with anything she does, and is the hardest worker we know! 

JADE Diep 

Co-Founder & Head of Business

A super creative and big thinker who sees no boundaries to bring dreams to life and make things happen. 


Jade has run businesses in Australia, China and the US. She loves cooking (now that she uses Dr Glitter), and will always be up for backpacking.

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