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Dr Glitter™ Magnesium Single Serve

Dr Glitter™ Magnesium Single Serve

Our stunning BLUE MAGNESIUM crystals are made from Acacia Gum and packed with 95mg of Marine Magnesium from the Mediterranean Sea. 


Dr Glitter™ Magnesium Nutrient Crystals: 


  • 95mg Marine Magnesium 

  • 4g of Prebiotic Fibre

  • Natural Ingredients 

  • Gluten Free

  • IBS + FODMAP Diet Friendly 

  • Plant Based  

  • Low in Sugar 




Pair with anything high in Vitamin D, such as mushrooms, fish and eggs.  


Serving Size: 5g Sachet (2 x 2.5g)

Servings Per Package: 1 Sachet

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  • Ingredients

    Vegetable Gum (Organic Acacia Gum), Simag™ Magnesium (Seawater Extract), White Grape Juice, Natural Colour (Gardenia Extract Powder, Maltodextrin)

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